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Thoughts from an Experienced Children’s Music Teacher-

 Encouraging Kids to engage in  music

Ever consider using music lessons as a way to spend quality time with your kids?

I’ve noticed parents who learn with their kids really have a great time. It’s a way to combine education and parental positive reinforcement. Both of you can take a lesson together (guitar works really well for this). For example, you can start by having young kids play a scaled down version of full chords while you challenge yourself with unmodified chords.

Even if you haven’t played a musical instrument before, it’s not too late to start.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s a good age to start? The youngest I have worked with is 4 years old, but a child’s readiness depends on attention span and fine motor skills. With young children, I often incorporate musical games to engage them. Piano requires fewer fine motor abilities than guitar. Some kids are able to begin guitar at 5. (Nylon strings are preferred as they are easier on the fingers.)

How long should I practice? At a minimum of 15 minutes 3 times a week. unless the goal is just experiential. Thirty minutes daily would be in line with a more serious intent. In general, the more you practice the faster you progress.

How long will I be taking lessons? A minimum of six months is needed to stimulate interest and determine aptitude for a specific instrument. Musical aptitude varies widely, and mastery, of course, can take years.

How many teachers should I study with? As one gains musical competence, it is sometimes useful to switch to a teacher who specializes in the style you are most interested in. Of course, it’s most important to choose a teacher who creates enthusiasm for music and mentors well.

How often do students take lessons? Most commonly, once a week starting at 30 minutes.

Will I need an instrument? Yes, students are responsible for renting or buying an instrument so they can practice in between lessons.


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