Special Needs

Guitar Lessons For KidsI am very happy with my results working with children with special needs. I do this through movement, singing, guitar, piano, or percussion depending on their abilities and interests. Currently, my students include children with learning differences, as well as developmental disabilities including Autism.

Some clear benefits are the development of fine motor planning and sequencing skills, and improved self esteem. I have an eclectic approach based on my background in psychology and music and have the ability and willingness to adapt to the specific needs and skills of the child.

I’d be happy to talk with you more about my program.

Piano Lessons









“Alison White has taught my 6 1/2-year-old daughter piano and guitar weekly for almost a year. My daughter, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and hyperactivity disorder, responds well to Alison’s experienced, patient, and creative approach. When she began lessons,she ran around the practice room and hid. In a matter of weeks, she calmed down and began to build upon her musical interests and talent.”

- Amanda Williams, San Jose, CA

“My son is currently taking guitar lessons from Alison. He has ADD and some other issues, but has really come out of his shell while working with Alison. He has performed at recitals and is now writing his own songs with her help. The whole experience continues to be positive for him. ”

- Roy, San Mateo

“ADHD and fine motor coordination has been an issue for my seven year old. Piano lessons with Alison has helped him continue to improve in this area as well as learn to focus better. Towards the end of the lesson we play musical games which he looks forward to. She is very patient with him and works toward expanding his limitations.”

- Cupertino

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Phone Number: 650-306-0332

Email: white.alison@gmail.com